It takes many different elements to create a great auditorium that is well planned, has a safe and strong substructure, has comfortable, attractive and durable seating, makes the best use of the space available, and provides occupants with a clear view.

Your Auditorium Seating Specialists

Evertaut are Auditorium seating specialists.  We will work within the space provided to your specifications and budget to design and install all aspects of your bespoke auditorium seating including:

  1. Installation of the tiered flooring structure: We design tiered structures to suit any floor surface type in straight rows or radius designs to suit your needs. Our designs are optimised to produce the best audience viewing angles and lines of sight, whatever the room shape.
  2. Plenum ventilation and carpeting of the tiered floor.
  3. Seating manufacture and installation.

Our Auditorium and Stadium and Seating service gives you:

  • Proficient and professional design and installation of sectional steel under-structures / fixed tiering, deck boards and riser boards provide a solid structure.
  • Tiered units that are manufactured using 50/50 sectional steel fabricated for extra stability and strength.
  • Inspection hatches, cut outs for diffusers and plenum seals.
  • The peace of mind of knowing that the floor loading has been tested to withstand 5KN/m² .
  • Tiered products that are designed to comply with British standards BS6399 Loadings for Buildings Part 1, BS5950 Structural Use of Steelwork in Buildings, and BS5260 Structural Use of Timber.

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The Seating

Evertaut’s 50 years’ experience in the manufacture, supply and installation of auditorium seating solutions means that you can choose from a wide range of seating in the colours and fabrics that fit perfectly with your specific needs.

We design, manufacture and install seating for any kind of auditorium or other area where high quality, comfortable, strong and durable seating is required. We are a leading supplier of seating for stadiums, cinemas, lecture theatres, and theatres.

You can also choose optional extras for those special touches to offer practical help, comfort and luxury.

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